Charidy Charter

Our mission, values and community.
Why we do what we do

Our Mission

Empower every individual to create a Better World!

Our Mission

Empower every individual to create a Better World!

Our Core Values

Charidy is now five years old. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and the next decade looks brighter still. As we look forward, it is important to share and communicate our core values to those joining us on this incredible journey.

We've defined our company ideals in 6 principles to guide our decisions and growth, to encourage us to abide by and measure our work against them.


We’ve experienced the frustration that comes with time-consuming, inefficient fundraising models. Understanding what motivates people to give, utilizing technology, and harnessing the collective power of humanity allows us to make exceptional change.


We foster a global community of people whose efforts, at all scales, inspire change. By empowering individuals, we move worlds.


We care deeply about how your organization is received by your donors and perceived by your community. We take responsibility for building a foundation of trust by enhancing and protecting your mission, brand, and governance standards.


We have a deep love for helping those who help others. Our mission is to best optimize your fundraising methods so that you can spend more time realizing your passions and making the world a better place.


Shout from the rooftops! Celebration amplifies ambition, and creates a culture of joy, progress, and positivity. From incremental growth to a massive campaign, stopping to appreciate your achievements today will open the door to even greater triumph tomorrow.


Going above and beyond for our clients isn’t a perk; it’s how we do business. We have radical ambitions and believe that success is the only option. We will not rest until your true potential is reached and your goals surpassed.