faith based

Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu… Charidy Faith-Based communities are made up of people united around a shared belief.

They may belong to the same church or synagogue, fundraise for renovations of their mosque, or champion local causes in their community characterized by strong social and moral values. If you care about the social fabric of your religious community, if you’re concerned about education, if you have big plans for community outreach programs around a place of worship, and if you are looking for innovative, attractive messaging that will make community members perk up with excitement, you belong to the Charidy Faith Based community.

The Charidy Magic Touch

Charidy’s fundraising experts stem from various communities and have grown to master the science of charitable crowdfunding into an art form. We are familiar with the dynamics of faith-based communities and know how to harness their zest for rallying important causes. Our campaign managers are trained to help you work through both expected and unexpected tensions and ultimately bring about your success for small and large-scale fundraising events as well as capital campaigns. The annual Charidy Giving Day is an especially powerful initiative for exponentially multiplying the raising power of many small entities under one powerful cause or umbrella organization.

Raising money for

  • The Construction of community buildings
  • Maintenance of important structures
  • Faith-based educational activities
  • Faith-based activities for young adults
  • Special publications of books and brochures
Fundraising levels
Adult Education: